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trust planning services

Forge Consulting takes great pride in working with their national network of estate and tax planning experts in an effort to provide clients with the legal and tax servicesForge Consulting LLC is not a tax advisor or law firm and does not provide tax or legal services of any kind. While many of the services provided by Forge Consulting, LLC relate to the practice of law and/or tax, none of these services are intended nor shall they be interpreted or relied upon in any fashion by anyone as legal or tax advice. they need.

Whether or not a particular client needs a Special Needs Trust, Asset Protection Trust or Discretionary Support Trust—just to name a few—Forge will properly coordinate each case to ensure the necessary legal work is completed properly and in an expeditious manner. Forge Consulting will also introduce vetted trust companies to a claimant and his or her family once the final legal vehicles are determined, which will help provide a level of protection and security that will last for many years to come.

Clients who receive settlement money only to find themselves bogged down in income and estate taxes issues are far worse off than clients who receive valuable settlement advice concerning the myriad of legal, financial and tax issues, ranging from the estate tax to the generation-skipping transfer tax, that are a part of each and every settlement.

The first question to be answered is always "Do I need or want to protect my access to SSI and/or Medicaid?" If the answer is "yes" then we will help you determine which type of special needs trust ("SNT") is most appropriate. We will also help you find a trust attorney who specializes in special needs planning in order to obtain his or her insight on any relevant state laws that may impact a decision and to provide input on the overall settlement plan.

If you are not in the market for an SNT, let us help you determine which trust (if any) fits your needs. There are generally two types of trusts that can be established: those that an individual creates for him or herself and those that an individual creates for others. Additionally, you must decide whether you want to establish a revocable and irrevocable trust. State laws vary greatly with respect to trusts so it is always imperative that a local attorney be involved to help along each step of the planning process.

Many times an individual needs more than one trust in order to plan for multiple contingencies, ranging from avoiding probate to avoiding excessive taxation to protecting your assets from creditors to allowing a child to mature before obtaining full, unfettered, access to his or her money.

Call Forge Consulting at 866-68-FORGE (866-683-6743) to find out more about how a trust can help you or your loved one.

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A trust established to provide for a disabled person's supplemental needs. Intended to allow the beneficiary to qualify for income from SSI and Medicaid. Sometimes known as a Supplemental Needs Trust.