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the forge difference

Attorneys are hired for their expertise and their ability to competently represent a person or entity that is wronged or injured. However, attorneys and their clients frequently do not recognize the importance of obtaining an expert to provide guidance on how to maximize a settlement or verdict recovery and ensure that potential health care or government benefit interests are properly satisfied and protected. Simply put, when plaintiffs are shown an offer from a defendant, do they know exactly what the offer means in terms of their future wants and needs? Or, are plaintiffs still viewing this offer as an abstract dollar figure?

The numerous complex issues that are now a part of the litigation process demand that you have a multifaceted expert on your side. Spotting potential issues, as well as being familiar with the scope of services needed to navigate the settlement landscape, requires much more than a structured settlement annuity broker—you need a settlement planning expert.

Forge helps alleviate the stress and distraction of the ancillary issues and the frivolous defenses and delay tactics of defendants with our full range of services; keeping clients more informed than the defendants on every issue is key to success. Through strategic partnerships, Forge focuses on pre-settlement/trial planning and the multitude of post-settlement or post-verdict recovery issues and options that must be addressed. By involving Forge, the attorney can then focus on the aspects of the case he or she was hired to resolve.

The consultants at Forge provide a thorough analysis of settlement options on every case, identifying the client’s best interests and providing a multiple options to satisfy their concerns. Whether or not a client is simply interested in learning about their structured settlement options or concerned about future asset protection, Forge educates all parties involved in litigation so plaintiffs can make informed decisions about their future.

Analysis often involves, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Preparation and evaluation of structured settlement annuities and other settlement and health care planning options;
  2. Preparation and evaluation of the opportunities for structuring attorney’s fees;
  3. Assistance with Medicare, Medicaid and/or private health care liens or conditional payments that may exist against settlement proceeds;
  4. Assistance with properly evaluating and preserving a client’s needs-based government benefits;
  5. Evaluate the need for a Qualified Settlement Fund, Special Needs, or other trusts;
  6. Evaluate the need for a Liability or Workers Compensation Medicare Set Aside;
  7. Assist with the allocation, administration and client education aspects of recoveries in single event and mass tort/class action cases;
  8. Evaluating the opportunity for and tax benefits gained from the utilization of a structured settlement annuity in an installment sale under IRC §453 or a division of property pursuant to a divorce decree under IRC §71(b)(1)(b);
  9. Alternative and supplemental planning needs to ensure liquidity, cash flow, and understanding of how present and future risks must be addressed;
  10. Process-focused, not product-focused. We will help you understand your full range of settlement options.

Involve Forge early and turn over the settlement planning keys. Allow Forge the opportunity to help you and your clients maximize their settlement recovery and ensure every concern and consideration is researched and explained in simple, easy to understand terms. Call today at 866-68-FORGE (866-683-6743).

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