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"One call to Forge Consulting helps me to assess critical case planning needs prior to settlement and to develop comprehensive plans for my clients. I can count on Forge to deliver a complete case analysis that is suitable for my clients and fully implemented by their team of consultants and professionals. My firm and I have used Forge Consulting for many years and would encourage you to do the same."

Gibson Vance
Past AAJ President
Shareholder, BACMPM

"In the structured settlement world, don’t believe for a minute that all brokers are the same. I handle large personal injury cases around the country and have seen what is out there. Forge Consulting has demonstrated to me time and time again that they put my client’s best interests above everything else and they do it with first class service and the highest possible integrity. If you want a true settlement planner who will not oversell, who will take the time to listen to your clients and make sure their needs are best met, and in the end will help you make sure that all details of a settlement are handled correctly, you should give Forge a try."

Joseph A. Fried
Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC

"We have used Forge Consulting on many occasions. The men and women at Forge are highly motivated and know what they are doing. These experts serve our clients extremely well—for whatever mission we assign them. They are extremely trustworthy and, in this business, trust is critical. I highly recommend them."

Randy Kinnard
Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge
Nashville, TN

"Working with Forge is like switching from a cell phone to a smart phone."

William Kenneth C. Dippel
Law Offices of William Kenneth C. Dippel, PC

"Forge Consulting is a fabulous resource for our law firm and our clients. They provide critical support to our litigation team in the handling of settlements so that the individual needs of our clients and their families can be met into the future. If you are handling a catastrophic injury case and anticipate a large recovery for a lifetime of needs, I would encourage you to consult with the folks at Forge Consulting."

Tom Doehrman
Doehrman Buba: Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

"When an injury victim recovers a substantial amount of money in a settlement or judgment, I am flooded with phone calls and emails from structured settlement brokers and financial advisers seeking to get the business from our clients. Most financial advisers have little experience investing the funds of a catastrophically injured person and are unaware of the full range of investment and trust options available to them. But even worse, most financial advisers are simply just smiles and handshakes at the initial meeting and once the cash has been transferred to their investment firm, you hardly hear from them. They've made their money and move on to the next case.

"Tim Denehy [of Forge Consulting and Advocacy Trust Solutions] is different. I started working with Tim about 1 1/2 years ago after an acquaintance from another plaintiffs' settlement/trust company recommended Tim. From the initial meeting with the clients, Tim showed a nice gentle and respectful touch with our clients that instantly set him apart from others in the structured settlement industry. Instead of boring our clients with stories about himself, Tim quietly and respectfully asked questions and tried to determine the best trust and structured settlement solutions for our clients. Tim let our clients take center-stage so he could find the right structured settlement and trust solutions that met their needs. I love how Tim interacts with our clients!

"But more importantly, Tim has been there for our clients after the transfer of the funds into their trusts and structured settlement investments. Tim has developed an ongoing relationship with our clients without seeking extra fees and if there's a problem, Tim is upfront about acknowledging the issue and trying to fix it. I have rarely, if ever, seen the candor and forthright honesty from structured settlement consultants that I've seen from Tim.

"I've worked with many structured settlement consultants and financial advisers over my 21-year career in catastrophic and medical malpractice law with mixed results. Tim Denehy is more than a notch above the others I've worked with in terms of both his people skills and his ongoing commitment and dedication to his relationship with our disabled clients. I intend to continue working with Tim and if you get the chance to work with him, there's a good chance you won't want to work with anyone else for your structured settlements and trusts."

John H. Fisher
Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Kingston, New York

To learn more about how Forge can help you and your client, please contact us at 866-68-FORGE (866-683-6743).

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