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mass torts & class action

A key part of successful mass tort litigation should include planning for when and how claimants receive their portion of gross settlement. It is imperative that claimants fully understand their options regarding the receipt of their settlement money and how their government benefits, if any, could be impacted. Unfortunately, all too often in mass tort litigation, many of the settlement options that are potentially available to a personal injury claimant are eliminated due to the poor organization of the settlement program and by how the money was transfered from the defendants to a settlement fund or to each claimant directly. Furthermore, claimants are often not properly educated about the ways in which they can preserve their eligibility for or minimize the impact to their current and future government benefits.

Relying on the experience gained from the last several years of involvement in multiple mass tort settlement programs, Forge Consulting can provide the next mass-tort settlement program with the skill and experience necessary to achieve the optimum results for each and every claimant. The Forge Process—combined with our experience in the mass tort arena—will not only provide your clients the opportunity to make informed decisions about how they would like to receive their settlement, but also enable your clients to retain or gain access to government benefits they may be eligible for now or in the future.

Mass tort litigation projects possess numerous pitfalls as a result of ever-evolving compliance requirements, disclosure guidelines, timelines, and ethics rules. All of these issues must be properly addressed while simultaneously communicating with clients who are anxious to receive their settlement money. Let Forge Consulting guide you through the ever-changing maze and ensure your clients are able to obtain the best possible settlement available.

Forge Consulting is happy to work in tandem with any ongoing subrogation and lien resolution providers, Medicare Set-Aside evaluators, Medicaid and other government benefits preservation experts, Qualified Settlement Fund administrators, and trust and cash management companies that are or may in the future be working to secure your client's future wants and needs.

If you would like more information about involving Forge Consulting, call today at 866-68-FORGE (866-683-6743).

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