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The Forge Process AAJ Announces Forge Sponsorhip of Leaders Forum

Forge Consulting helps clients rebuild structure—the structure which supports all we do as a community, as families, as individuals—when an unexpected event turns life upside down. Forge stands proudly at the forefront of the settlement planning industry, providing plaintiffs with an objective assessment of their situation and a review of their settlement options, turning abstract dollar signs and legal terms into tangible plans that allow clients to move forward with life.

The integration of structured settlement annuities, cash management products, trusts, and other settlement planning vehicles, forces competition among providers, promotes a client’s education and understanding of their options, and results in superior settlement planning. Diligently representing clients with experience, compassion, and expertise—with a focus on process, not product—produces customized settlement solutions that are superior to a product-driven approach. Let Forge help you get started with the settlement planning and education process you need in order to develop the needed protection for your future.

Liquidity and protection are vital components of any settlement plan, providing sustainable income for future needs and the available cash necessary for any unforeseen circumstances that might lie ahead. Providing clients with a balanced approach is the key to a properly constructed settlement plan. Forge’s loyalty and dedication to the plaintiff trial bar proves they are on your side. The Forge team’s experience gives the plaintiff access to objectivity and an array of resources to help customize a balanced settlement solution for you. Every plaintiff deserves an advocate and Forge wants to advocate for you.

You cannot involve Forge too early. Get more information on the services offered by Forge by calling toll-free at 866-68-FORGE.