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company history

Forge Consulting was founded in January 2003. Our mission, passion, and innovative settlement consulting approach of process over product rapidly made us the sought-after source of settlement planning information for the plaintiffs' bar and the people they represent. The founding partners of Forge noticed an inequity in the settlement marketplace: far too often, injured parties were left no choice but to work with a single-product provider (i.e. trustees, bankers, money managers or structure brokers). In most cases, the defendant brings in this financial professional, which serves to stack the deck against injured parties and their families.

With multiple support centers and offices throughout the country, over 30 dedicated team members, strategic partnerships with some of the nation's largest wealth management firms, trust companies, tax planners, and elder law attorneys, our network of vetted team members are among the best and most diverse in the nation. Our dedicated staff is eager to provide vital support to attorneys and their clients utilizing a wide array of settlement planning resources.

Forge Consulting is dedicated to the Trial Bar and the fight for plaintiffs' rights as is evident through its years of hard work and support of trial lawyer organizations throughout the country. Forge Consulting continues to support these organizations in an effort to help put the power of justice back where it belongs—in the hands of plaintiffs. Our pro bono lobbying efforts, non-profit work and innovative planning approach addresses more than just numbers; we address the person and family as a whole.

Forge Consulting works to bring the benefits of objective, process-focused planning with structured settlements comprising only a small part of the financial products and assets we represent. The wide range of case types—including personal injury, divorce, mergers and acquisitions, workers compensation, wrongful death, mass torts and business tort—round out the areas in which we can help. Contact Forge today to learn more about the power of structure.

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